Couple pics of my Pro Circuit 496

I just got this thing a week ago.It is the pro circuit 96db pipe.It tested right at 96dbs and is about half the weight of the stocker.I noticed the bike seemed to rev quicker and had more power than my stock pipe with the baja insert.

Here is a weird thing with the Jdjetting kit my bike tested at 100dbs.I went back to the stock needle and it dropped to 96dbs.My buddies yz450 tested at 96dbs with no changes. :) Still don't know why, but isn't that weird?



Did it fit riht onto the stock headpipe or you had to order the A/M headpipe with it.

I have got the PC T-4 Exaust and it did not fit the stock head pipe :), so now I have to order PC head pipe for it. Another 250USD :D

Oh the only thing it did need was the rubber bushing from the YZ.It did go right on the head pipe though.

Hey Blue,

What did you use to seal the exhaust to the header pipe?

I have just put on a Ti4 Pro Circuit (what a fantastic pipe !!!!) but as its only a slip on fit, with no clamping slots, I used a high temp (340C) silastic ... but that burnt away pretty quick. It doesnt appear to leak but I am curious what everyone else uses.

Cheers Dean


I just slipped it over and for extra measure put a hose clamp on it.It is a tight fit and i couldn't feel any leaks. :)

Try some exhaust heat wrap tape as a sealing joint. Should work well if the fit is good and snug to the mating pipe. Wrap the O.D. of the female end of the headpipe. :)

I installed a JD needle and jets according to instructions

the other day, and my 496 pipe does seem considerably louder. It's rich @ WOT, but definately runs stronger every where else.

I don't have a sound meter, but I don't think the pipe is much quieter than the stock pipe was(open w/previous jetting). I guess it makes sense that it makes more noise when tuned better.

I'm not at all disappointed with the performance, but it is a drag to spend this much money for a 'quiet' pipe that isn't.

BTW, at what RPM, and how far from the pipe did you test?

I was tested at 4500rpm and 20in away.Uncorked should test at 107 and the procircuit with my jetting lean and popping tested at 99-100.I fixed the jetting and got it down to 96dbs.

I'm currently running 48pj, JD red 4th, 160mj. Was running 45pj, stock 4th, 155mj. Power was soft on the bottom, popping on decel(until 31/2 out on screw), and felt lean in the mid. (7000', 90deg.). The bike runs much stronger now for the most part.

Do you know if the JD red needle is richer or leaner than stock. I'm trying to figure out which way to go next.

Good to here you got her jetted right and the sound back down. :)

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