YZF450 sticky carb?

Got a 04 YZF450 that won't idol and back fires on decell, runs fine on full noise. Hasn't been riden in a while so i think its the float valve or needle? Not an expert by any means, Any DIY help would be great

I'd start by draining the float, and putting fresh gas in the tank, to eliminate that issue if you haven't done so already. It's probably a clogged jet though. Pull the jets and clean them or replace them. If you clean them, make sure you blow the passages out with compressed air afterward. How long has it been since it's been ridden?

its been a year or so, gas got drained and freshend but nothing has been touched in the carb as yet, Will check it out

pilot jet is clogged

A couple of years ago, Dirt Rider Magazine put this article out on how to take apart/work on/clean/re-assemble an FCR carb like our bike s use.


Maybe this will help ya get the thing figured out, I hope??

They (Dirt Rider Mag) recently put this article back in another 1 time magazine they made where they recycled a lot of their old how-to & tech article. I don't know if it's available in New Zealand, but I'll find you a copy if you can pay my way over there, hee hee....

Hope this helps some, & Have A Merry Christmas!


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