valve kit 2002 yz426f? help!


Im rebuilding the top end on my 02' Yz426f and iv been looking for a valve kit to but but have had no luck :excuseme: i found a set for a 00' but don't think it will match up. Does anyone know where i can buy a full set to fit my bike?

The 2000 set will fit yours, but you have to use the 2000 springs, too. What's in the "set", and who makes it?

i have a 02 and just got that kit. i am taking it a guy to have the machine work done. so ill post how it all went when its done.

well the set i found says it has everything included... its OEM and off ebay for about $200..

That will work well in your head. The 2000 used stainless valves, which is why it's VERY important to use the 2000 springs. The OEM SS valves will last at least as long and save a bunch of money on the rebuild.

Wow, that's a pretty good deal. I wonder if my guy at the dealer could even beat that. I'm saving that link for when it's time. :excuseme:

Thanks everyone! this really helped me...might just order the parts tonight!

You might want to double check what you can get those parts for from the TT store or other e-Bay sellers for induhvidual parts...I rounded all that up for about a buck eighty including shipping by doing a bit of careful shopping...

I would run the complete Kibblewhite valves and spring kit over OEM.

I would run the complete Kibblewhite valves and spring kit over OEM.
Whatever for?

Holy shit, that price has almost doubled since i put those in only like 6 months ago.

that kit has valves keepers springs and seals too. and it is from a dealer on ohio

whats the difference between kibblewhite and stock?

whats the difference between kibblewhite and stock?
Titanium spring retainers and about $300.

would 426 valve kits such as this work in a 400?

Check the parts fiche. As far as I know, the 2000 426 used the same valves, etc. as the '99 400 did.

in my 02' im switching to SS from TI and am wondering compatibility with existing valve seats

No issues that I know of.


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