matel shaving in oil

hello i have a recently rebuilt 07 yz 450 and noticed i still have matel shaving in my oil , sorta thought with a some what new engin i would have no shavings in my oil? was also told if im changing my oil after every weekend trip that regular 10/40 moter oil would be ok? thanks tt

don't use friction modified oils in wet clutch applications!!!! Won't notice right away but over time it gets into the pores of the fiber plates in the clutch.

Most car motor oils are friction modified.

10/40 will be fine, also the shavings you found might be clutch material, post a pic if you can

Most of the time you will see fine shavings in your filter after an engine re-build, I've noticed that I'll see them for the first 2 or 3 oil changes after the new parts have been installed. We're not talking big chunks though, just fine pieces in the folds of the filter.

Your clutch plates aren't aluminum, I guess you could get some debris from the basket itself if it's starting to get chewed up ? Take your clutch cover off and have a look, that's a quick easy way to confirm or eliminate the clutch being the culprit.

I wouldn't use any regular 10/40 oil, buy something motorcycle specific and preferrably a synthetic oil. I run Amsoil MCF and change it every 6.5 to 7 hours of MX riding, I change the filter every oil change as well. Good oil is the cheapest insurance you can get !

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