Yoshimura data box for pim2


anybody running the yosh pim and data box? is it worth,and if yes , how is it to handel? is it easy or ist it just for pros.

my yzf 450 10 is with the gytr kit and doma. on my yzf 450 09 ( its for training) i run the vortex ignition and ill like it much.

the question is, which one, the vortex or yoshimura is better? the price is the same

danke sebastian

nobody with a yosh or vortex ignition on the yzf 450 10 ????????

Jeff Allessi is testing the vortex on the 2010 yz 450 with the TUF racing engine kit .IM told that our engine kit out performs the gyrt kits @ any level and the vortex is a good addition.

Im not shure what Way to go. I ran the vortex in my yzf 250, yzf 450 and a Lot of my Friends goe with vortex too ( crf 250 a 450). But since the yzf is efi, Air feul Reading is possible. And thats the perfekt Way. But for non Prof with no dyno it may be too difficult to get a good Set up!? So the vortex ECU maybe the bettet Chios ?

In europ a Lot of Teams Run with get Data - it can Read Air Fuel too- the Kit come about 1200€ :excuseme:

Ok, i go with get gp1 by athena. Yoshimura and vortex a not real Full Programming. The only One is get ! Will tell u how it Runs, As Soon As Training is possible!

Wow!!!! The get Data 1 Rocks ,i bought it from a German get Shop and He desigend One of the Maps the other One is Done by athena . Its like the vortex in my yz 450 08. The differnds is, i meet the man at the trak and he changes it like i wish ! Very very Profession . To do it on my own is impossible. It can only Be Done by a Prof Engine Tuner ..

Fazit: its expensiv but it realy Works !!!

...i meet the man at the trak and he changes it like i wish ! Very very Profession . To do it on my own is impossible. It can only Be Done by a Prof Engine Tuner ..

@ grayracer513

m englich is not good for it so in german:

man bekommt die GET 1 Zündung mit zwei aufgespielten Maps von Athena.Athena hat die Maps mit Testfahrern entwickelt,man kann davon ausgehen,daß sie gut sind. Der Witz an der GET Zündung ist aber, daß man den Motor nach seinen Vorstellungen und vorallem nach seinem Tuningstand des Motorrades einstellen kann.

Die GET Zündung ist voll einstellbar!!! nicht wie die Vortex,Dynotec und Yochimura,bei den kann man neur einzelne Parameter in einem vorgegeben Bereich einstellen.

Um die GET einzustellen, benötigt man einen Prüfstand bzw. ein Auslesegerät mit dem daß Motorrad auf der strecke ausgelesen wird um zu sehen wie der Fahrer fährt bzw wie sich die vorgenommenen Einstellungen verhalten.Dieses kann nur jemand vornehmen, der sich mit Motormangement auskennt.

Wenn die GET dann eine eigne Map hat, nimmt man den GET Progamiertuner und kann selber einfache Einstellungen vornehmen.

Seit ein paar Monaten gibt es für die GET einen Antischlupfregelung,Bubba Stewart hat sie im Dezember getestet und ist hell auf begeistert.Die Antischlupf. berrechnet in Kurvenfahrt die Traktion und nimmt und gibt Leistung dazu! Damit ist eine um 30% höhere Kurvengeschwindigkeit möglich!!!!!!!!!



So, then, it's pre-programmed with two maps and fully programmable, and that it can be adjusted so as to suit the rider's taste and/or the track conditions. That sounds no different than a Power Commander. From what I understand, you say that adjustments need to be made on a dyno. It seems to me that even though that would be the best way, it would not be necessary, especially after you had created two or more maps that you wanted to use under different conditions. I would not be interested in any unit that could only be altered by the manufacturer unless it was much less expensive than one I could change with a laptop.

As to the claim that the improved traction leads to a 30% increase in cornering speed, well.... I sincerely doubt it.

Ok i See u understand my Text. The Yamaha Tuner Doesnt realy Change the ignition, u wont get more Horse Power.u can use the athena Maps and they are realy good, but they are Done for Public. Yes the own Maps could only be Done on a dyno or in the trak with special Equipment. Yes its exprnsive but u do it onec and thats it. Have u ever had a Ride on a Engine Done by a profesional ? U will Love it, and than think of an Engine Done specially for u! Its so much easyer and Savtyer riding.

My yzf got now the gytr Kit,spes exhaust (92 db), the get ignition and the cycra and its Runs so perfekt. I Hope it will Life for a Long Time;)

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