WR400 suspension questions post a thread over in suspensio

Hey everyone,

So I posted up in the general suspension forum, but I don't feel like my questions got answered fully, and I think there will be more model specific expertise here.

So, I weigh in around 230lbs with full gear. I've got the stock suspension on the bike, and I feel like it let's me down. I can't use any specific words like "wallows" or "pogos", but I've definitely encountered it bottoming out a bit harshly, and reading the general "where to start" for suspension has me thinking there is something in this for me.

Where I ride: 99% of the time trails. Generally rugged trails that a quad could barely survive, with the occasional section of single track. I like having some options for lines, as I don't feel all that "free" on single track. There's everything from jumps to flats, drops, ruts, rock gardens, berms, banks, logs, and the occasional animal. I occasionally hit up a MX course, although I'm aware this bike just won't be able to do both very well. I'd probably qualify as an intermediate rider, although it's all relative really.

Some questions:

1- Of the responses I got, one person said that only re-valving and adjusting the oil level would take care of everything. How much credence should I pay to this? Will this help the harshness of flat landings?

2- When I looked on racetech's spring thingy... it gave me a spring rate for my weight, and then if I read right... there was only one spring option for the front forks on the WR beyond what is stock... wha??? The rear then had a ton of options. Could some one help me make sense of this?

3-What do I gain or lose by going up in spring rate? Where will a softer spring help me versus a harder one?

First thing I would on a bike that old before revalving is replace bushings, seals and oil on the forks and seal head, possibly bladder, new oil in the shock. Then you can get a baseline setting of were your suspension really is.

As it is your suspension will not be functioning properly to see were you stand. Do this, play with clickers and oil levels forks, nitro pressure shock, and then you can decide if a revalve is really waranted.

As far as spring rates, if one rate higher on the forks is all you can get, it will still be an improvement. But use the rates from the calculator and shop around some other spring brands looking for the same spring rate.

What are your race and free sag #'s on your shock right now?

Again this # will be skewed untill you service the shock.

Get it properly sprung for your weight so you can achieve the sag range setting.

Too much sag and it will wallow and bottom and understeer, and you have overall less net travel.

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