Bent pipe

After catching the downside of a tabletop in the horizontal position, my pipe was either bent or rotated (2000 model). On the plus side, I now have straight access to the oil filter- or, should I say, my brother has straight access cuz I ain't never lernt how ta change ma oil and stuff. The pipe is now in the same position as the 2001 pipe or maybe even 1/4 inch higher. My concern is that it may not be sealed where the pipe goes into whatever it is that it goes into. What signs would I look for? Everything sounds okay and I don't notice any loss of power. Should I try to rotate the pipe back or just leave well enough alone? Please excuse all the technical terminology.

I recently took a hit on my right side and believed I only bent my pipe until the next ride. While bottoming my suspension landing a big jump my rear tire grabbed hold of my pipe and shocked me by really putting the breaks on. Upon closer examination I found my subframe to be slightly bent (3/8in.)to the left. Do yourself a favor and check this before your next ride.

Good Luck!

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