2001 YZ426 Crankshaft in YZ400

In converting my YZ400 to a YZ426 I could have my crank rebuilt with the 426 rod.

But I noticed the 2001 newer design YZ426 cranks are cheaper brand new than the 2000 style cranks.

What is different besides the balancer drive gear with spline on the newer crank?

Can I run my WR400F charging flywheel?

Looking at the part numbers from 2000 to 2001, the WR flywheels have different numbers. I'm not sure if it was a slight change in weight or something that will affect function. Has anyone used a 2001 or 2002 426 flywheel on a 2000 or older YZ?

Maybe this is a better question: What do I need to change in the bottom end besides the newer crank designs splined gear on the right side of the crank to use a 2001 YZ426 crank in my YZ400?


No one seems to know?

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