Clutch Basket from 06 fit 03 WR450?

Will an 06 clutch basket fit an 03?

Ordered an 06 by accident from e-bay and after checking the part numbers for 03 / 06 they are not the same!

Wondering if it will fit?


If it were me I would be checking the part number of the shaft it sits on to see if that's the same.

I'd then do the same for clutch plates.

I'd then, as a final check, have a close look at the diagram of it in each parts list. (Not exactly 100% reliable, but worth checking anyway).

If it looked the same in both diagrams then I'd reckon it probably would work.

Take the side cover off and try it!


I am not 100% but I think they are different . I think the gear has a different amount of teeth, I think its one tooth different .Maybe you could change the primary gear on the end of the crank to match.

You can sell it again on ebay if what I am saying turns out to be true

How much was it

I'm still waiting for it to arrive....

It was $75 on ebay.

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