Need a trick license plate holder

Anyone have any reccomendations??

WR 450 is to be plated soon and I was hoping there was something cool out there. It needs to be easily removed as I won't be using it much. Thanks in advance. Pics would be huge.

Bud :)


Go to and he has a trick light weight mount that uses the existing tail light bolts. It hangs down under the fender and is out of the way. I have had mine on my WR450 since January and have not had any problems because it is out of the way of almost everything. :)


Baja designs makes a nice aluminum one . . been very pleased with mine.


I've got the BajaDesigns on my WR and it ended getting caught by the tire and bent under. I couldn't figure out what the noise was while riding because it was intermittant - only when the rear suspension was compressed.

I think a few others have had the same thing happen - not a big deal just FYI.


I built one and bolted in on the light hardware already in place. I also trimmed the plate edges, let only what was needed. I like the original fender. Now if I could attathc a jpg, I'd show you, but dont know how :)

Here's a link to the one I purchased. I chose this plate bracket because the entire plate is protected and bolted down, so there's less chance of the plate getting folder back under the rear fender. It's light weight and well made. :)

License Plate Bracket

Basic got it right. The TNR is nice. It makes all the others look like they were done in 6th grade metal shop by the dumbest kid in the class.

Are you getting a CA plate? I had to go to Vermont for the first year with my Canadian WR450.

If you get the UFO rear assembly with the turn indicators, make sure you make some re-enforcement bars because it will flex down to the tire in a G out and break. PM me or make a post and the TTr's will help you out with that.


I fabricated one out of some black, 1/4" UHMW, milled out a recess for the plate to sit flush, made a delta plate to attach to the back bolt and the top 2 bolts of the plate out of thin gauge stainless to reinforce it and act as a "leash" in case I take a shot to the rear and the holder happened to break(no lost plate). I like the flexibility of the plastic better than the aluminum for damage control and it cost me about an hours time to fabricate(materials were free from some of my vendors from work). Will snap some pics and post when I get a chance(almost completed a full rebuild on "Ole Blue" and everything on it has been modified for improvement including the chrome kickstand and stand bracket! :)).

Wrooster don't be alarmed, but there's a bear acting all casual-like in your garage.

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