New 2004 WR450 Graphic kits

I am looking for some new graphics for my 04 WR450. I think I have looked at just about all the sites out there and all the brands and just when I think I have seen them all, I seem to come across another one. Then I realize they don't make it for the 04 WR450 and it is back to the drawing board.

So, I have come across the Facelift Unlimited TS1 graphics and they look like they have them for the 05-06 WR450, but not the 04. Does anyone know what the differences are between the 04 and 05-06's wrt to plastics?

While I am here, I will toss out what I am really looking for. I would like the shrouds to have the big white WR on them, sort of like what I have seen with the facelift unlimted 2010 ts1 graphics. I have sent something to them, but have not heard back yet.

I'd like to not modify the kit at all, so I am really looking for a kit specifically made for the 04.

Right now it is either some kit from the site or FLU.



I'll take a look at that place, yeah looks good on your bike.

The guy from Facelift unlimited said that the 2011 TS1 vesion they sell for the WR450 05-06 will fit my 04 (We sell for the 2005, it will fit your bike but the tank decal is smaller on the 2005 than yours).

It is a little frusturating looking through all the pictures on here of other WR450's with the big white WR on the radiator shrouds from One Industries, Facelift Unlimited and Factory Effex, but all of them currently don't sell any of the ones I see others having. It would be bad enough if no one made what I was looking for and never have, but to see they no longer have that style is rough.

I've wanted tge same one myself for my 04. I finally gave up and am just running stock.

If you find them, let me know as I'd like to get some as well.

The guy at flu designs said the 05-06 kit they had would work on the 04 just the tank sticker would be a smaller. Shit, I could go with that, so I purchased the 05-06 kit for my 04. Well lets just say the flu design guy was WRONG. All the main stickers are not going to fit without major cutting and I am not super excited about having a brand new kit on the bike that screams hey look that guy did it himself. What a complete let down not to mention being pissed. I don't mind someone saying they don't know, but to say something when you have no idea is BS.

Also the brand new Acerbis kit for the bike is nice, but without graphics on them, screams "Hey I don't match the color of the tank."

So I have new plastics that don't really match the color of the tank and new graphics for those plastics that don't fit. Today is turning out to be a great day.

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