new thumper forum.

Hey Guy's I just noticed today that added a new thumper forum today to it's boards. I know recently thumper talk was down for a day and us junkies didn't know what to do so we all flooded drn for our needed fix so I just thought I'd let you know there's this new one and the guy's over there are alot like us here "real respectable". Take it easy. Jeff

Here is another YZ forum with heaps of members if you need it?



Why not try to wear out your main jet?

Awesome! Hey if any one else has more info like this please post it,I'm writing all these down for those sick day's. Jeff

hey good sites..

You will all get me fired... If I start checking out all of these other sites I will never do any work :) oops, I guess thats not much different than now..

oh well gotta get back to work..

I'll check the other sites out in a while, thanks for the post..

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