05 WR450 ASV Lever Question

Hello, I did a quick search, got lazy so here I am starting a new thread.

I want to get some levers with some Christmas money (Thx Dad!!):busted:

I see there are three main choices. F1, F3 and C5s.

I pretty much am looking at either the F3s or the C5s. I get that the F3s are forged and the C5s are CNCd also the F3s are shiny and the C5s are matte. Oh and the warranty goes with the number, F3 is three years and the C5s are five year.

With all the obvious outa the way what are the thoughts from those who have used them? I have a totally stock 05 WR450 and just want some better levers as the stock ones feel very sloppy. I only learnt this because the TTR230 I just bought for the wife has ASV F3s on it and WOW:jawdrop:, no slop and way better feel and adjustability. So now I want some!!!:busted:

Any and all suggestions are welcome, please and thank you:thumbsup::excuseme:.

I recommend getting the F3's that's what i've had on my bikes in the past and I personally can't tell much difference between them and the C5's. When you buy a clutch pertch just be sure to get the assembly with the quuick adjust though. for the difference in money I would just get the F3's I know for both of the levers it's about $150 if you get the F3's. I had a pair of the sunline's that bend up and down that someone gave me, but i got rid of them because the levers felt akward, so i'm now running a works connection elite clutch perch and F3 brake lever. If you're looking to save money than just buy a forged clutch lever perch with a quick adjust and a F3 brake lever. To keep the clutch lever from breaking just leave the perch a little loose so when you fall it will rotate upwards. :excuseme:

It may sound like I spend alot of money on my bikes but I truly don't. haha I just end up with them everytime I get a used bike.

Thx Dylan for the info. I think I am going to go with the F3s. I see that ASV offers a set (clutch and brake) of refurbished F3s for $70 :excuseme:. Seems like a good deal. I will make sure I get a new clutch perch and dust cover.

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