shavings in oil

i just bought a 2001 yz 426 one of the first things i did was change the oil and in the oil filter case i found some metal shaving in it i also found some shaving on the drain plug should i be worried?

I think its common. i have an 02 426 and i freaked out the first time i changed the oil and filter because of the metel shavings, but i think it was because the previous owner didnt chang it often. i chang it after every harescramble and have very little if any shavings now, and its been fine for two seasons now with no issues.

If the trans and crank run in the same oil then you will see metals in the oil. Run a magnetic drain plug and keep oil and filter changed regular.

cool thanks for the info i have a magnetic drain plug so that area is ok i dont know how much the guy before me changed the oil. so its common to have some shavings in the oil cool thanks again

Not to alarm ya.

If the shavings look like square pieces of brass, i would tear it down and inspect/replace the crank and mains.

Normal to have some regular metal color stuff in there.

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