sherco 300

Anybody have 1 of these? had a look @ 1 the other day bloke says it has a better spred of power than Husky 310, has anybody had 1 for 12 months or done a 2,000 k's any problems at all they look & feel good siting on them

Thanks for your reply shearboy2004 i am a member on dirtbikeworld but i thought the US being a bigger market would have a fair few of the Sherco 300 everybody i talk to raves about how good they are, you blokes are missing out if there not selling many Sherco 300 over there haven't heard a bad thing about them they seem to have everything light weight, wide power spred & good handling

Hi Brian,

I know the 2010 (250) model had a problem with the sump bolt cracking the crankcases when tightening the bolt up to the recommended torque, I assume the 300 runs the same cases.

Good Luck

Hi. Did you ever get a sherco 300 ? . Iav had one for over a year now and its been great.

My riding buddy has had the 09 husky 310 which was very heavy, very slow and had a real bad flat spot/hesitation from off the bottom . He now has the 2011 husky 310 which has far better power than the o9, very good suspension, feels lighter than the o9 but not as agile as a 250.....but thats where the good points stop , he has had no end of problems .new batt,new starter motor and stator clutch. problems with the rad fittings, cap and pipes, had to have a new head gasket fitted after 4 weeks as the head had not been torqued down correctly,also lots of other small probs like the switches etc. The bike comes with a 2 year warranty(GOOD JOB !!!) and I must add that all the problems have been resolved by a highly recommended husky dealer SOUTH LAKES OFF ROAD.

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