Pumping throttle to start?

I bought my 99 yzf last spring and every since I've had it I would have to give the throttle a couple blips with the choke on and it will fire right up then die. A couple more blips and she will fire and run longer and then on the third try it will stay running and run fine. It has always ran great but it doesn't start good without giving a couple blips. I know the procedure after owning old xr600's. Doesn't really bother me but I hear people talk about never touching the gas while starting. Mine will start without blips but it would take five or six kicks where it will start 1st or second with them. It never starts good if it sits more than a month, then it takes four or five blips to get the fuel in. It has the stock needle with stroker speed recommended pilot and main jet that I don't know the # off the top of my head. I have played with the fuel screw til it ran where I wanted it. Thanks

I am intersted in hearing more abou this one, my 98 400 won't start the first time with out 5 full blips of the gas.. it will then start and stop, few more blips and she'll start up and run.. When its warm it will start no gas and one kick...

I have been wondering the same thing, whats the cause.. I know I need to tune the carb but don't have the skills so I have not wanted to tinker and make it worse...

Basically mine is doing the same as yours, it does start hot without the blips and a buddy has a 98' with the same carb settings as mine and he never touches his gas.

Me too. I usually hold open the comp-release while pumping the gas a few times while also turning it over.

Then one real kick get's the bike started for the day.

After it's hot, it's one kick no gas. Once in a while when the bike is in BBQ mode, I need to use the hot-start knob.

Seems normal to me, especially on colder days.


My 98 yz 400 will start first kick when cold if I give it one blip off the trottle to get some gas into the carb. There are two ways to kick this beast over. The original owner used this technique, find TDC, pull in lever and kick 10to30 degrees past TDC, then without releasing the kickstarter, Kick hard right from here or-- let the kickstarter return to original position and then kick, this works best for me.

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