Anyone done mods on yz 450 2010 intake?

I have a 2010 and have heard that opening up the airbox and intake on the shrouds really helps the bike run better. Let me know. I was thinking about cutting a little of the black part on the inside to allow more air? Any thoughts?

that would help but it also lest heat from the radiators and engine get in making holes in the outer shrouds and screening them in works well .

I have holes in the scoops and in the air filter cover. It gets really loud, but there is definitely a difference in bottom end pull.

Cycra came out with new radiator shrouds, for the 2010/11 YZf450, that are one piece. Supposedly they allow 40% more air flow induction over the stockers. Valli Motorsports ran three holes in the upper shorud last year to allow more airflow. THey are running they Cycra radiator shrouds this year and it looks like they did no modifications to the shrouds.

Last year being 2010 and this new year being 2011. SOrry for the confusion on that.

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