YZ426 Lighting....Need Some Help Please!

Ive got a 2000 yz426,

Bought a baja design light kit with the front headlight/turn signals. It has the horn, some other modules and handlebar controls with it. Ive also got the rear fender with tailight/blinkers. There is also another wiring harness along with it. This stuff was bought used,

I also have what was said to be " a WR stator and flyweel". Ive been searching around on here a bit and cant seem to find a clear discription on how to do this conversion.

Can anyone who has done this give me some info or point me in the right direction.

I assume the wr stator and flywheel is a bolt on fit? Is this the way to go? I keep seeing something about having to rewire the stator (floating ground)?

Any help would be great. Thanks

You only need to float the ground if you are going to run DC. Stock WR stuff is AC only. AC will run the lights, but won't make the turn signals blink. To run the WR stator/flywheel, you will need a WR voltage regulator as well. If I remember right, the YZ harness (from the CDI) has a pink wire running to the YZ stator. There is no pink wire in the WR stator harness. The pink wire in the CDI harness needs to be grounded...

If you are going to make DC, you will need a regulator/rectifier-Trail Tech makes a nice unit-and you need to float the ground. To float the ground, look at the lighting coils on the stator. One of them will have an end of the coil wire soldered to the stator plate. Unsolder that, and solder it to a piece of wire long enough to get to your regulator/rectifier. Make sure the solder joint is insulated, and stowed such that it can't contact anything. Now, both ends of the lighting coil will connect to the regulator/rectifier as inputs, and you will get DC out. Put the + and - out of the Reg/rec across a battery, and power your lights, turn signals, and horn. Baja Designs has some instructions and wiring diagrams on their web site that go a long way toward 'splaining...

Also, search this forum for WR stator, pink wire mod, or other similar phrases and you will find a boat-load of info.

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