Supercross , San Jose? your spelling.

And no such luck, San Jose is mindlessly focused on nothing but high tech. All the California SuperCross stuff you speak of is in the Southern half. Stick around till May and you can visit the Vegas event.

The ArenaCross was in town, but that's gone now. And the Van's Triple Crown (FMX) is usually in San Fran, but not the right time of year.

You may be able to catch a local race at either the Hollister upper ranch or up at Livermore at Club Moto. Check the calendars.


Sorry Guys!

And thanks for your reply.


Hey my friend - you did a better job spelling than I usually do - and I wouldn't have a chance in your home country and language :)

I think the comment was more about your slip coming out "Gays" - it might only pass for humor around here......

Hi Gays

I'm a swede visiting San Jose for this week (working),

and I'm going to stay over the weekend and wonder if

there is any supercross races in the neighborhood of

San Jose for me to visit (Friday or Saturday).

We don't have supercross/stadiumcross back home,

so I love to visit one of this races.



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