Is it me or does Imagestation suck for you too?

I just don't get it. I have finally set up my avatar and almost everyday I come here my picture doesn't show up. I go to Imagestation and go to the avatar and get URL. Once I edit my profile, deleting previous same URL and entering it again it shows up. Then it goes away again !

Anyone have the same issue? Have a better free hosting website you could point me to?



I have all my pictures on a home page that I made through AOL. It seems to work perfectly and is easy to use. Apparently there is no limit either. If you have AOL I would try doing that.

By the way your avtar is gone again. It was there just before I posted my previos reply.

Now its back !!! Its crazy I tell you!!!!

Thanks for the AOL tip. Too bad I got rid of that along time ago. Well, I guess that depends on how you look at it. I think AOL SUCKS !!! This, in no way, reflects the way thumpertalk and/or their sponsor's feel. :)


Thanks EGO ! You rock buddy. I don't care what anyone says about you! :)

Everyone, this proves Ego is around !!! He is alive !!!

Check my avatar address.

Fryboy out

That is why EGO is the coolest. I miss his posts and wish he would come back.

What happend to ego? :)


Ego went on a little vacation. He is well and from what I saw on the YZ4xx board he is baaaaaaack !


The Infamous EGO is officially out of retirment. Now come on who really thought it would last :).

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