Little OT sorry... SNOW DAY!

No Im not a little kid in school, Im 20 and I work, and if I dont go to work I dont make no money, Yep Im stuck, :) I cant get my truck to go 3 feet without sliding down almost hitting the next car. All of those people that said I was crazy for getting a 2wd truck, are you happy now you have had your day, but its only one. Marty is not a happy camper, but its ok cause I just called my partner at work and he said he is stuck too, damn you snow.

OK I feel better now, thank you.


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OK Marty. You've layed down the gauntlet.

Where do you live?

I too am snowed in. It's a snow day here in Denver.

I too don't get paid when I don't go to work since I'm a computer contractor. So I'm here at home PRETENDING like I'm working but rather I'm ThumperTalking. Dreaming of my next ride (which by the way was going to be Sunday but I'm screwed now because of the snow) and my new street bike that I'm about 1 or 2 months away from getting.

Who else has a snow day?


I guess its perspective and situation.

I'm really hoping the weather and snow continues this week so the conditions for snow boarding will be good this weekend. But, I just drive to it and live in it for a few days at a time.

Bryan- is Moab too hot in the summer?


Hey Harold! Yes, Moab is WAY hot in the summer. 99 degrees daily average high.

The riding is better in Colorado anyway in the summer.

Come visit guy!



I live in Louisville, Colorado, just off of Highway 36. My poor roommate works about 100 yards from work so he could not use my excuse, hehe. Im a delivery man so my excuse was great. So when do I get to go ride with the man of


Just dug out of 2 feet of snow in my driveway in Parker. Damn 4 wheel drive truck carried me all the way to Castle Rock for work. We had people still here from when I left at 1am. Nobody could get home. Spent the night and made big time bucks on Double Pay OT. I should have stayed.

The worst part of this is Rampart was fully open.

Hey Guys,

We have rolled into Autumn/Fall. The weather is cool, we are getting rain and the tracks are perfect... YEEEHAAAAAA.

As Russell Crowe said "Thank Christ for Australia"... :)

Bryan, what type of street bike are you getting?


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