Need some more info on a FAQ. Grease WR

Q: Do I need to grease a new WR?

A: Absolutely. Yamaha is notorious for using an infinitely inadequate amount of grease in the head bearings, the swingarm bearings and the shock linkage. Even though it's a pain, a new bike should be disassembled at these areas and given a generous re-greasing with a high quality, waterproof product.

I have an 04 that I have been riding for about a year now. Is this something that I should put on my list of things to do just as a routine thing?

If so, has anyone done this already and taking good pictures or posted a how to?



I do mine once a year, usually right about this time (off work between Christmas and New Years). No pics tho. Dust, dirt, water crossings and washing all take their toll on the grease, so it should be routine maintenance. Takes about a day working at a nice, leisurely pace...


If so, has anyone done this already and taking good pictures or posted a how to?

(Assuming you have no Owners Manual ......)

In the WR 400/426/450 forum there is a link called "WR Performance Index".

In there are a couple of links to free Owners Manual downloads.

This is where you'll find info on greasing the suspension.

It basically comes down to:

  1. Pull it all apart
  2. Clean it all thoroughly in petrol (gasoline)
  3. Check for damaged bearings/seals etc and replace them with new ones. (Check with your local bearing shop before buying OEM or aftermarket kits. They are always cheaper!)
  4. Grease everything thoroughly
  5. Re-assemble, torqueing the bolts correctly
  6. Ride!

For the record, all I've ever used in my 35-odd years of dirtbike riding is plain old waterproof boat grease. Its cheap and it works brilliantly.

I've never bothered with any of the greases the manufacturers recommend.

I've never had a bearing rust/fail yet.


I'm not sure how greasing these pieces could possibly be a bad thing but then again folks don't do it...

Just make sure you use the highest quality grease you can... honestly whats 3 cents worth in terms of wear?

Then again (please correct me if I'm wrong) once bearings go they can be replaced without too much drama and its the bearing thats getting ruined (is this right guys?)

if your late getting them greased (or previous owner didn't ever care to) you'll be pulling it apart either way, new bearing or greasing the current ones

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