Black Plastic?... Anyone?...Bueller?

Does anyone know where I can find black plastic for the BRP :D? I have searched to no avail :).

If I find black plastic can I still call it the Big Red Pig :D?

If you find black plastic, let me know. A charred pig to match my black cr500 would be sweet. :)

Yeah, you need a black tank for your 500 Hundy too! Hint Hint! :)

You could call it "Bubba"

Uh....I....well...Dutch needs some "Sensitivity Training". :)

You can get a black tank from but you'll probably have to paint your rad shrouds & fenders black with Krylon Fusion since nobody else makes black plastic for the pig :)

Yeh, I know you can get a black tank and front fender, but thats it.

Bubba...........nice :D

I am workin on that black tank for the 5hundy, soon very soon :)

Acerbis makes alot of black honda plastic, they make anything for the pig? An all black BRP would be cool, especially when racing people who dont know what it is :) maybe we should petition a plastic company to make black pig plastic.

I haven't even been able to find a black front fender.

Last I checked, Acerbis didn't have any black pig plastic. Has that changed?

Seriously, i wonder if we could all write to a plastic company and get them to make black plastic, there are certainly enough interested people out there im sure. Black front fenders arent specifically for the 650 as far as i know, all the XRs down to a 100 have the same bolt pattern so black front fenders are easy.

Go get em JR! Black Shrouds!! (sounds like a goth band?)

And while your at it can you ask them to make the new style Bomber chest protector in clear/grey? Thanks!!

Oh yeah...I can aleady see them in the discount bins at the Wherehouse outlets..."The Black Pig Shrouds" 50% OFF :D Pancake makeup, black lips, "Big" messy black hair and of couse wrapped in the Black Pig Shroud. I think their program comes on after the Osborns! :):D I'll be their roady! :D

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