Interesting interview with Larry Brooks about 2010 YZ450F !

so what did he say?

not enough time to listen to it all :excuseme:

so what did he say?

not enough time to listen to it all :excuseme:

You just have to listen ! :busted:

He basically says that he thinks the bike is good and that its getting a bad rap because its new and easy to blame if a particular rider doesn't do as well as he thought he should. He is saying that its easier to blame the bike rather than blame the rider for bad performances, especially when the bike is all new and different, etc. He goes on to say that he thinks Stewart and Regal will show how good the bike is this year. He says that all the issues other riders have complained as problems on the new Yamaha, have been fixed by L&M through testing and such and that the bike is now good and no longer the bucking bronco that it was before. However, he also states that these bikes are not stock and can't comment on a stock bike performance. He says just wait and see how it does in 2011..

This interview is kind of long and most of it is about preseason stuff and there is only a little talk about the bike in the middle.

I wrote this out myself while listening to the interview and it's not word for word but almost is. Anyways this is what was said about the 2010/2011 YZ450F.

Steve Matthes: I'll tell you what, Larry, I'll tell you what I'm worried about with your team. And well it's a couple things but number one, How's that bike? I know you're going to tell us how awesome it is but the 2010 YZ450 hasn't exactly... You know, been just this stall worth bike. For a number of reason I mean, James won one race on it, uhhh won a podium with a broken wrist on it. Uhhh you know I would argue that Josh Grant went backwards, could be the bike, could be lots of other reasons. I've talked to guys who have ridden the bike like Micheal Byrne, Ivan Todesco and none of those guys are fans of that bike. It's brand new, it's revolutionary, it's heavy, talk to me about that bike, make me feel at ease about that bike.

Larry Brooks: *Deep breathe* I mean everyone is going to have their own theories on the bike because it's so new you know and it... Honestly I don't think it's gotten a fair shake. So you know, I mean all I can refer back to and things like that is what James has said, I've ridden the bike, I feel pretty good on the bike, I mean I think the feeling of the bike is good once you make some changes and things like that. Like we don't ride stock bikes, so I couldn't tell you what a stock bike truly feels like but uh Josh Hill, I mean he did really well on the bike when he was racing and, James won the first race when he was healthy. uhhhm ya know, I dont know ya know, I know a lot of teams and... And I'm with you. I'm listening to ya and trust me I've looked at this over and over and I've got all the geometry specs. of every motorcycle out there and I've compared them to our bike and ya know I've sat down and racked my skull on it because of this piece that was new. And I just don't feel that the bike is a problem. I mean we came out in Anaheim last year James won the race and you know we didn't have the best settings. I mean James was bouncing around and doing his thing but I mean he rode a smart race and he beat Ryan Dungey. Ryan Dungey raced that same motorcycle all season long and he won the championship. And to me James had him pretty well handled that race and without putting himself in danger or anything like that. And you know I hear people talk about different things on the motorcycle and well we've already worked on those things on the motorcycle. A lot of people just didn't see it you know because we didn't race the races, you know the motocross races where they were having the issues and things like that. But what they were complaining about were things we've already addressed on the bike and ya know I just don't feel that the bike is the thing that's going to hold my riders back from winning and ya know and we're going to see in a week. And I'm not here to be a sales man, or tell people this is the best bike in the world. I believe it is. Ya know and we're going to prove it in about a week.

Steve Matthes: Right right, well fantastic, well said. Yea that's just the only thing that my question mark is about that thing. And I don't know I'm just bringing it up as a question because I don't know for sure you know. But I've talked to a lot of people....

Larry Brooks: Well I was listening to JT last week or whenever I was listening to that

Steve Matthes: Ya that's right, another one ya.

Larry Brooks: Ya I mean, but but you finally got it out of him that he had never ridden it. So he's repeating what everyone says. And you know I think that a lot of people they don't get the results that they think they should get and the easiest thing to blame is the motorcycle. I mean they for sure aren't going to say they suck, I mean every rider is never going to say that. But I know that both of my riders when they were healthy and they were racing ya know, for the win. They were standing on the podium. And you know the times that they weren't is when they were injured or not racing or you know... not wanting to race I guess you could say. So you know I don't.... I'm not going to blame the bike. I think the bike is really good and like I said we've addressed things that we felt were weak points on the bike and you know we've done quite a few changes for the 2011 bike, you know lets say our team motorcycles, our factory bikes. And I think our bikes are pretty darn good and you know its never proven until we go to the the first race, or its never proven until we put it on the podium. So I'm not going to sit here and fill you full of hot air and say this and that because you can call me liar and so I'm not going to do it. But I think that when the racing happens and James and Kyle are on the track, I believe we're going to prove that that motorcycle is not what everyone says. I think its a much better motorcycle and I think a lot of guys were blaming the bike more then they were willing to blame them selves.

Steve Matthes: Ya you have a very valid point for sure. You know uhhm exactly not many riders stand up and say you know what, I suck.

They go on to continue talking about James set up in '09 and '10 and how the bike wasn't as ready as they wanted it and it if it going to be the same for '11.... If you want to hear about all that you'll have to listen to it yourself:smirk: Anyways enjoy.

Does anyone know what the "weak points" on the bike Larry is referring too?

That might be top secret :excuseme:

Does anyone know what the "weak points" on the bike Larry is referring too?

I listened to the interview, he talks forever but doesn't really say anything of substance about the bike. The whole time he's dancing around trying to dodge the question while trying to "look" like he's not dodging it. To distance himself from saying anything specific about the bike in general, he makes it a point to say that they don't use "stock" bikes, hinting at how heavily modified/customized their bikes are, as if anyone thought their bikes were stock or anything close to it. The only thing he says is that he's spent lots of time analyzing the geometry of the bike, and all the other brands' bikes too, which kind of indicates he might have some issues/ideas about the geometry of the bike.

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