Spain info

Looking to rent a dual sport type bike for a couple weeks in Spain. Just to do some cruising around.

Anyone have any contacts?

It would be for starting about Aug. 1st.



I have had good experiences with Holiday Bike. They have street, dual sport and cruisers. They are all over European holiday destinations- so if you are in the big cities or on the coast, you should be near a Holiday Bike dealer. Its not cheap, but riding in Europe is a blast!

Thanks Mike. Between your info and replies on the DRZ page we should be covered.



Didnt realize it was you. Hey- I've got a great contact for you over there. Remeber Annie-the-Sweedish chick? She works for a moto tour company very similar to your Baja deal-. And they are based in Andorra! Small country in the Pyrennies. The owner (John) came over with her for the 1000. Barnum and I totally set them up. SO check out - the owner's name is John, wife is Sue. They run XR400's and a few 650's/ in Spain and Morocco on tours. You might want to get to now them for overall professional reasons, plus you could probably rent a bike off them easy enough jsut for cruising about. I know they are interested in sending their customers to Baja-so there ya go! It pays to let young women ride in your lights...!! By all means write to them, and tell them i sent you. Write to Annie as well. --dont be shy. They are talking about coming back for the 1000, so its all good. They are tight with Rob Barnum, but no reason you shouldnt get to know them.

How'd the ISDE qualifier go? You gonna race the 300?



Besides Tim, the Rallyprincess owes you. :)

Spain definitely has some nice riding. We basically went "off road" in olive country with a small rental car. Lots of fun, but a bit scary when you get out in the middle of nowhere and don't speak the language.

Pretty cool to see full blown 250 mx bikes with knobbies running up and down the streets.

Iron and MainJet - Actually, it's not for me, it's for a buddy who's going over there to mess around. Heck, we vacation too much anyway, we can't afford another this year! I passed on all the info to him.

I have kept in contact with Annie by email. But what the hell....riding a bike up Everest??? Uh, yeah...

No I'm not racing the BITD 300. I'll be operating the last checkpoint though. Same check spot as we did last year, but last year we were the first.

The Qualifier went about as well as I could've expected seeing that I didn't really have a clue what I was doing. I definately didn't come close to making the Brazil team. There were so many fast guys there it was sick. The riding was extremely fun and completely different than anything us's get to ride. On that same 15 day trip we raced in Oregon at the National Hare Scrambles and then the Idaho Qualifier. We're already planning to go do both races again next year. Those 2 events were the most fun I've had racing in 15 years. Must do's.


You'll have to state whereabouts in Spain you will be. I know there is a bike/trike rental co in Almunecar, (South Granada Coast). :)

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