Where to get blue chrome fenders?

Hey guys! I have heard about the new yzf450's they're coming out with and want one! I have ridden a 2000 426 and let me tell you....those thing's got BALLS!...I've got a Yamaha Raptor now and want a bike again....I have seen the fmx guys with red chrome-like fenders for honda's but I think it would look cool with blue chrome one's for the yzf....do they make them?

Yes, but I don't recall the company name or phone number. Check all the pubs and you are sure to see an ad.

do they make them?[/b]

They are extremely expensive and get scuffed quickly. They look great for a very short time.

The company is called VMC but I don't have the phone number.... it is in last months Dirt Rider magazine.

[Go to www.rc250p.com and check out the parts list. you'll find it there. While your there check out the trickest bike ever! Unfortunately it's a Honda, Unfortunately it's a two stroke. But still, it is very trick!

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