'05 WR 450 F newbie

All I can say is the WR is a whole lot different from my KLX650R. I have not done any of the free mods yet, but I'm getting ready to do the AIS mod this week. The difference is on the green whale is that you twist and let the steam build the then hang on and the WR you twist, pucker and then grin.

Congrats on the new bike! If you think it screams now, wait until the free mods are done. It will feel like a totally different bike. Plentif of pics and threads on here to help you through the process. What AIS removal kit are you using?

I'm using the yamaha one. I've only ridden the WR twice since I bought it from my buddy it was originally for my wife but I think it'll be a tad too much for her so I'm going to end up selling the 650r to get her a 250 or something.

Good idea, since when you get around to uncorking it you'll probably want to keep it for yourself, and not let her ride it anyways! :excuseme:

A different/new bike for a new year is always a good thing!

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