Crud! Seized? (but looks good) Engine help needed...

Any possibilities on this would be great...

+ I bought this 2001 WR426 in late November.

+ Rode it around the neighborhood a bit (10 minutes) and only thing I noticed was an odd occasional noise from the lower left side of the engine. Mostly putted around.

+ Today, first ride outside the neighborhood, I rode one mile to the grocery store (rides nice). Came out and started bike and it died almost immediately. Started bike with 1 shot of hotshot. It ran about 5 seconds, enough for me to go about 10 feet and it died again. No weird sounds, just died. This time it will not turn over, even with the decompression lever pulled. Tried 1 time to push start but wheel won't turn in 2nd gear with decompression level pulled. Kickstart will not move either. Pushed it 1 mile home. (Why is there so much traffic when you're pushing a bike?!)

Do you think the piston is seized? Maybe that weird noise was the water pump?

What's the best, and most cost-effective, way to check this out?

I'm not an engine guy so "mostly clueless" would describe me on this one.

==Picture in its current form==

Thanks a million!


Nice looking scooter! Left side could either be magneto (not too common, though my son did have a flywheel failure that locked up his two-fiddy like it seized), or crank (big end of the rod). My guess is the rod...

I assume you mean left side of the motor when you are sitting on the bike, not left side when looking at it from the front...

Although you may not be an engine guy, if you have a manual and some common hand tools, you can tear the bike down far enough to at least assess the failure. Take your time, follow the manual, and take digital pictures of everything as it comes apart. Even things that you are sure you will remember...just in case. You should start by draining the oil (look for pieces of metal in it) and coolant, pull the kickstarter off, and remove the left and right side engine covers. Look for obvious failures and broken parts. Found anything? If not, pull the tank, seat, subframe, radiators, and pipe, then pull the head and see what you find.

Post up any questions/results. There are lots of folks here willing to help and provide advice...

Thanks on the compliment. I did all the work over the last couple weeks so bit bummed that I killed it on the maiden voyage. ;-p

Yep - left side while on the bike riding. Kind of a dull shunk shunk but only heard it a couple times.

Thanks for the advice. Just checked it again and still won't turn by wheel or kickstart lever. So I'll start taking things apart and see what's going on.

If it did overheat, is the connecting rod the most likely failure? Fused itself together or something?

This is eating into my Excel Rims budget. ;-(

Thanks for the help,


Left side usually refers to the stator side of the motor and right side the water pump/clutch side, as oriented by sitting on the bike. If so, then you can pop off the stator cover very easily and look and see if a screw or bolt backed out and jammed something. It has been known to happen. Same goes with the other side, but you'd have to do more work because you have to pop off the cover including the water pump assembly in order to have a proper look-see.

Either way, I'd do those things before pulling the head apart. It's much easier and cheaper and more likely to have success.

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