No spark on 426

Hi guys used the search and didn't really answer my question so i thought i'd ask.

My stock wr 426 02 has no spark.

Was meeting up with the guys for a ride, had the engine running for like 20 seconds pushed the choke in and the engine stopped.

So i tryed to restart it, it wouldn't start after a couple of minutes, so i got on the phone to make my apoloygies and pulled the plug.

No spark, so i changed the plug, new plug no spark.

Checked the plug with a multimeter and thats working fine.

Got the manual out and went through every connection with multimeter and they all check out.

While turning the engine over with the lights on there isn't even a flicker on the lights so i'm thinking stator/magneto?

Basically looking for some input on my next move.

Any input will be greatfully received, Cheers Rich.

It seems if the battery has enough charge to run the lights brightly there s/b enough charge to power the coil even if the stator/magneto went bad. Maybe a bad coil or lead from the coil to the plug?

Probably didn't write that as best as i could.

With the light switch in the on postion i don't even get a flicker on them.

This bike has no battery, its a kicker only.

Every connection has been checked as the manual fault diagnostics check list.

Gone over it twice with a multimeter just to make sure that i haven't missed something.

Thats why i'm thinking something like either the stator or cdi unit.

Gone through the 20 something pages of the search button with no spark and i keeps coming up with stator replacement because every thing else works.

The stator is usually pretty reliable and easy to check.

Unfortunately, due to cost, I'd bet on the CDI where their failures are immediate.

Can the stator be checked inside the case with out removing the rotor? I don't have the rotor removal tool.

How can i check a cdi out for a fault. Is there a way to check it?

I think that which ever part it is it aint going to be cheap.:excuseme:

I would think you could check the stator by unplugging the harness under the gas tank. IIRC, there are three harnesses. Check with a voltmeter the wires coming directly from the stator to the regulator. Have someone kick it over without a spark plug while you hold a voltmeter (on AC) to the positive output leads. You should see the meter move. This should help isolate the issue.

Wow... It's not even my problem and I'm thankful.

What a wonderful bunch of guys.

I love you man. * looking for their Bud Lights *

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