Hands-Free Hydration Tricks

I got too frustrated trying to drink and drive...Try getting one of those stickyback clips at REI and stick it on the inside of your full face protector of your helmet, then it just holds your hydration mouthpiece right there...you can just sort of pucker up and reach it easily without having to take your hands off the bars.

What do you use that works best?

Stay away from REI The one by my house the sierra club hangs out in front trying to get people to sign up and passing out propaganda. :)


I keep the mouth piece in my mouth all the time. It does one of two things

1: Keeps my mouth from drying out, aka the mouth piece creates saliva

2: Water on tap

Don't bother me at all

What do you use that works best?

I use a rubber band through the mouthpiece of my helmet, but don't generally bother unless I'm racing. It takes some trial and error to position it optimally, and I still have to grab it, but only momentarily. I can put it close enough to where I can just grab it with my teeth, but at this point it is right under my nose, and this can be irritating to the point of distraction. For me, anyway.

Your idea sounds promising though, but I wouldn't set foot in an REI...

Okay, maybe I would, but there ain't one in a 200 mile radius for me to set foot in.

At any rate, I don't think I could hold it in my mouth for a 2 hour race without getting some kind of lock jaw. You can't breathe properly with something in your mouth IMO.

Thats why I also use the sports nose Opener Thingys Called Breath Rites.

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