05 wr450 wont stay running

Having trouble wont stay running...will check pilot jet...valves in spec ...fuel comes out float overflow ..so getting fuel to carb..seems like not getting fuel. will start but not stay running.. blow out jets? not much time on motor..


Must be the season... The one (03) I just picked-up does the same thing. Obviously caused by gas sitting in the float bowl too long. All the jets were oxidized and coated brown. Grrrrr.....

Glad I don't smoke. The good news is the garage floor is nice and clean.

I removed, cleaned and/or replaced all the jets and at this point, suspect the float adjustment (not sure how, or why it would have ever been mis-adjusted but just the same...). I verified the hot start isn't stuck.

Not sure what else to recommend EXCEPT to religiously use an additive to the gas (I use Marven's Miracle Oil, or Lucas Gas additive in all my other bikes and don't have a problem < although I do ride them all with some frequency> )

Just the same you would think it would at least start (not that I could fine-tune either the idle or A/F screw). .

I'll go back at it again tomorrow. I'll let cha know what I find in my gremlin.

un real.....what a difference..after cleaning the jets it runs like champ...


You can try some carb/ fuel injection cleaner, the type you add to your gas tank. Berrymans & Seafoam are pretty good. Alot of people swear by Seafoam. If it happens again, try the seafoam first.


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