xr 650 l gearing

I am looking to gear down my 07 xr 650 l. I want to go as low as i can. will sprockets for a 650 R work on my L? there are alot more choices for the R. I was thinking of going 13 front and 54 rear. Is there a mathmatical formula for figureing out the speed of this switch? i got stock wheels. I am not worried about the top speed i am using the bike in dirt only. 60 mph is fast enough through the woods where i ride. most of the time i am between 20 and 40 mph.

Yes R rear sprockets will work on the L, you have to drill the holes out for the larger bolts.

I would go 14/54 and not 13/54 it will eat your chain slider up real fast with the 13.

I'd stick with the sprockets that are made for the L - there are differences.

A common gear ratio that uses the stock chain length is 14/48. Go as big as you want with the rear sprocket, but you'll need to buy a longer chain.

I wouldn't use the R rear sprocket either, the bolt holes are dished different but they will work. You should be able to find what you're looking for thru http://www.sprocketspecialists.com/.

13/48 is a sweet combo for tight rocky technical hilly riding, clutch almost never needs to be touched.

Sitting on the bike with a 48 rear, I don't think the chain really presses against the front slider. 48 tooth rear will eat your rear slider a bit quicker.

I suggest a sunstar front, not PBI.


13/54:thinking: The 54 rear will almost certainly eat your rear chain guide in short order without some modification to either the guide or the mounting tabs. 13/54...holy granny gearing

thanks everybody I think I will go with 14-48 and then decide if i want to go lower. my next modification is the carborator. I have read daves mods have richened it up. but i dont like the cv carb. I had one on a super glide, it made a nice sound when it bounced off the ground. I think the one on this honda is goin to make that same sound. i am thinkin edelbrock.

I use 15/49 and it's still hard on the the rear chain guide. I don't see the usefulness of 13/54 myself but to each his own. 14/50 should be good on guides chain and sprockets with plenty low enough first gear and close ratios.

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