09 YZ450F STK exhuast

Rivet gun.

had some time to today to modify the stk muffler that was on my 450F.

i drilled out the rivets and removed the "perferated cones" from within the muffler. repacked, reassembled and resealed the muffler.

the muffler is definetly louder LOL. seems to rev a bit more freely. haven't ridden it yet to see if any low end power was obtained.

anyone have any info / experience they could share with a mod like this?

thx :smirk:

I did the same thing accept I put a screen in there to count as a spark arrestor. i know its no a USFS approved one but I havent had an issue and I get checked atleast 2-3 times a ride by the San Bernadino National Forest patrols and rangers everytime I go riding up there.

Bike runs great and actually has less popping than before

What did you guys use to button the exhaust back up?

3/8 rivots from Home Depot $5

3/8 rivots from Home Depot $5

Cool, thats what I was thinking but I wanted to be able to open it up again without drilling again. Thanks for getting back to me

3/8 rivots from Home Depot $5
I really hope you meant 3/16" rivets...:smirk:
I really hope you meant 3/16" rivets...:smirk:

My bad good catch. Yes 3/16" rivets.


If you dont want to drill out you can always get a tap and put screws in it. Only problem is they will probably work loose

The trouble with threaded screws is that there is only the thickness of the sheet metal to tap into, and the just don't hold for very long. One of the things I like about mufflers like the DRD is that they have blind nuts welded in place and are assembled with screws rather than rivets.

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