Alignment Mark on a Zip Ty Flywheel Help

I just finished installing a Hot Cam exhaust cam in my '01 426 and it will not start. Based on what I have read about installing this cam I am thinking it is the timing; even tho I checked and double checked it.

So here's my story

While disassembling and locating the TDC I realized my bike had a Zip Ty Flywheel weight on it (Guy I bought it from forgot to mention it, nice surprise) which did not seem to have an obvious alignment mark. So I used the punch marks on the cams to locate TDC, I cranked the flywheel until the punch on each cam was level with the surface of the head; that put the flywheel on the "I" in the scribed words "ZIP TY" of the flywheel. I figured that was probably correct so used the "I" in ZIP TY as my TDC alignment point.

I proceeded to pull both cams to verify all looked good, before re-installing checked TDC and noticed it had moved so I rotated the flywheel counter clockwise (as the manual says) to the "I" in ZIP TY again. I then re-installed the new Hot Cam exhaust cam, with their punch marks at 12 and 9 as the instructions stated, then installed the stock intake using the three punch marks for alignment. One at 9, one at 12, and one at 3. I checked that the 9 and 3 related to the etched E toward the 9 and the etched I toward 3.

So a couple questions:

1) Does anyone have a Zip Ty flywheel that has the words etched in the face around the perimeter? if so What is the TDC mark.

2) Before re-installing the cams when I noticed the flywheel was not at TDC and rotated it to the "I" in ZIP TY again; could this have needed one more full rotation to actually be at TDC? :excuseme:

Was really hoping the beast was gonna fire right up so I did not have to tear it all down again - shoot :busted:

Interesting never thought about the timing marks on aftermarket, but I still run the stock flywheel.

Dial indicator down sparkplug bore to find TDC.

Verify opposite right angles on the cam timing marks ( if Hotcams are the same as stock)

Re-check valve clearance adjustments.

Thats where I would start.

For the purposes of cam timing, a dial is not entirely necessary. You can locate TDC closely enough for that with a screwdriver down the plug hole, then marking the flywheel with a fine point sharpie.

Hot Cams are built for the 426, so forget about counting pins or rotating the exhaust cam one tooth forward, or any of the stuff that applies to the use of a 450 cam in a 426, and use the timing marks exactly as in the manual.

Ugh - I wish I would have thought about checking the piston at TDC when I rotated the flywheel :excuseme:

Thanks for the input

Hey all, thanks for the input. I used the garage mechanic special and went with a T handle allen in the cylinder.


Rotated the crank to TDC (checked and re-checked) and found a very small hole drilled in the flywheel


With the allen wrench and the hole lined up I figured this was the holy grail. Set my cams which lined up much better than yesterday.


Put it all back together, third kick fired up, runnin perrrrfect! Shut it down started it three more times; one simple kick each time - NICE!

BTW - I contacted Zip Ty and was told that it is up to the installer to scribe some type of TDC on the flywheel weight. I have made a note in my shop manual about the alignment mark so if this bike ever goes to another owner; they will know what they are looking for

Now I need to take a day off work and go ride :excuseme:


Nice!!! Glad to see things went well for you. Thanks for posting the follow-up.

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