My CB drive gear is OK, thanks Scott, Hick

Last night I pulled the right side case cover and checked my CB drive gear on my '00 426. It was fine, not a bit loose and the retaining nut was tight. I thought for sure it was going to be loose as I was hearing chatter while starting out in 1st gear. It must just be the clutch. I also pulled the clutch out to check the basket, which is stock, and it looks almost new. So at least I checked everything out. I can live with a slight chatter. Hopefully tonight I will get everything put back together and be ready for riding this weekend. I have to say my 426 has been bulletproof. Thanks to Scott F for the CB key, which I'll save for the future, and to Hick for excellent explanations of the pocedure.

Since you went in that far, you should have changed the key any way. It might be just a tad mushed right now, and could get worse later. Time will tell.

You may be right, but there was absolutely zero play in the gear, and the nut and lockwasher were tight as ever. I must have tried to find some play in it about 5 or 6 times. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for any changes. I put it all back together last night and it started first kick, all is well. On the clutch I did notice some small scratches on the outer edge of the clutch boss. Has anyone ever seen this? Everything else, including the plates, looked good. It's all the orginal clutch and I've had the bike since Dec. 1999. Not too bad.

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