oil filter cover weeping

my oil filter cover is driving me nuts!i've changed the o-rings a bunch,and the filer cover still weeps,its not a big deal it just gets on my nerves.anyone else have this problem??my bike is a 09 yzf 450.


Maybe find a rubber o-ring that fits around the the outside of the inner lip, instead of just the crevice. This way the filter cover does not go in all the way, but the rubber seals it off completely...

Might work?

do you still have the small orings in the case where the cover screws go in?

Take a close look and check for a small crack in the main housing, A guy I know was having the same problem, replaced o-rings, used sealant etc, then eventually I found a small crack in the thinnest wall section of the housing causing the weep of oil.

do you still have the small orings in the case where the cover screws go in?

And definitely check this..

If the main large cover O-ring is in good condition, and all 3 of the small ones are in place, the cause is probably that the ears on the cover have been distorted by excessive or improper torque. Try replacing it.

If it's a Ready Racing filter cover, junk it and use a stock cover. (A Ready filter may not fit under it)

i'll check for cracks i always torgue it to 10nm likw the book says,its a stock cover.


i have it too i cant stop it either its just too small to do anythingmaybe because the lower cover bolt is threaded

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