Best pipe for xr650??

Any opinions out there. Already uncorked with HRC tip and Je kit, so I don't figure I will need to rejet again. I ve heard the Big Gun is a great pipe. Looking for the best all purpose pipe.

Thanks fellas.

Chris :)

I like the sound of my White Bro's.

I ve heard the Big Gun is a great pipe. Looking for the best all purpose pipe

Read the 3rd, 4th & 5th posts in this thread and I'll also tell you I've heard the same types of comments from a few others as well.

Look in the files section of the Yahoo XR650R group and check out the pipe shootout articles for more comparison details.

You won't find a pipe that's best at everything because there's too many variables to consider in the design. A pipe that's built for strong top end will out perform a pipe that's built for strong low. You can build a pipe to offer an increase in power across the entire power band, but then it won't perform as strong on top or down low as pipes built specificaly for these needs. Try to get a dyno print out that compares the stock uncorked HRC setup to the pipe you're considering and you'll be able to better determine if it might be a good choice for you.

Some guys install a pipe that makes more power on top at the expense of losing a little bit down low and they are thrilled with the way the bike winds out, but not everyone may be happy with that type of pipe. Noise is another consideration and is becomming a popular issue in many states, so don't forget to take that into account if that's important to your needs.

If I was going to buy a new pipe for looks, lighter weight, quality and general purpose performance, I'd be looking at the Morikawi system from Big Vally Honda. I've only heard of a few people buying that system, but everyone seems to be extremely happy with the quality, fitment, sound level and most importantly its performance. I've only seen one in person and that was a while back, but it was probably the nicest looking XR650R pipe I've seen to date.

Thank you qasdan for your input. I will check out that Morikawi system. :)

Actually, its a Moriwaki, no-wonder I couldn't find crap for morikawi.... :)

After you get that Morikawi pipe check out the Minuki carb. :)

Yeah, here's some good advice! Stay AWAY from the Big Gun pipes they are junk!!!! I know because I wasted my money on one, only for it to leak, crack, and the silencer fell apart at the seams! Pile of junk and they don't fit right either!!! Power was very good though.

Check out White Bros. and the new Morikawi at big valley Honda that the other guys are talking about.

I went back to using the stock pipes, which give great low end and lower mid-range power, but not much else. At least they don't leak or fall off.

I have a Big Gun (Race Series) Pipe and Header. I can't talk about other pipes because I bought the bike used and it came on it. But I haven't had problems with it quality-wise! I did have some of the 1/4" allen screws rattle loose (I took it apart the previous weekend, so it may have been my fault) and if a few more had fallen out the whole muffler would have come loose from the pipe! All I did was buy some more at the hardware store and locktite them (red I think) and its been solid every since. I don't ride desert but I ride tight woods trails and it has taken a beating with falls against rocks and stuff getting kicked up at it.

That is just my impression of the big gun, the quality hasn't bothered me but as for comparrison I can't say. Its all I know.

After people talk about loosing low-end with these high-flow aftermarket pipes I may have to pull out the stock pipe and header and see what I'm missing.

I was told the edelbrock carb would make up for the low end lost with aftermarket pipes? Is this true? If so maybe you can have best of both worlds with Edelbrock and high flow pipes?

I was told the edelbrock carb would make up for the low end lost with aftermarket pipes? Is this true? If so maybe you can have best of both worlds with Edelbrock and high flow pipes?

You'll definitely get improved low end throttle response with a pumper carb, but don't look for it to fill the entire low end gap if there's one missing from the addition of a pipe. For that, you may also need to go to a higher compression piston and or a different cam profile to get back everything you lost down low.

I have a full Arrow system on my 01 XR. Stainless headers and Ti can. I upjetted and drilled the airbox and it rocks!! It softened the initial hit but the midrange and top end was transformed. I run a 185 main, 68s pilot and the needle on the 4th clips from top.

Build quality is very good and its easy to strip and repack. Has quite a bark under acceleration. Will wake the dead :)

Well, ended up getting a FMF powercore 4. I must say, I am very impressed so far. Was a little snug putting in on, but other than that, quite noticable mid range power increase and quieter that stock which is great. They say i will see top end increase as well, but I haven't got past 3rd gear with it yet. Also, I lost no low end pull at all. :)

Hey J T. I forgot to mention that the Big Gun quality has deteriorated in the last couple of years, so you might actually have one of the older ones, which supposedly were good, before their quality control went downhill. This is what I hear anyway. All I know personally is that the one I ordered was no good at all.

Now, as far as how much low end you are losing? Not much at all if you're running the Big Gun race series. The pipe I had was also the race series, and low end power was still very strong, only slightly less than stock pipe. Basically, the Big Gun pipes flattened the power spread out over the whole rev range, making the bike easier to ride, which is an improvement over the stock pipes.

The stock pipes produce ultra snappy low end and lower mid range, but power drops off fast after that. Basically, with the stock pipes, you've got too much power down low, and not enough on top. The Big Gun pipe fixed that, making the power output feel like a YZ426, tons of power everywhere!

Only problem was the Big Gun pipes fell apart, so I went back to stock.


Thanks for the heads up, Smashinz2002! I'll be sure to keep an eye on it now that I know there's a chance! Can you give me a little more detail on what about it you were having trouble with so I can keep a closer eye on things? (eg. Watch for cracks here, tighten screws/bolts here, etc...)

That's sad to hear about a company to go downhill when people like you say that you were happy with the power-output but quality has decreased! I myself never heard of Big Gun in my neck of the woods until I bought my bike in Jan of 2001!

Like I said earlier its all I have known so always wondered what low-end I was missing from the stock pipe! Thanks for clueing me in on that as well. That means I don't have to fool with the stock pipe and header anytime soon for curiosity sake! (at lest not now, I'm a curious feller so oneday when I have time I'll try it anyway) The previous owner gave me the stock pipe and header but it's been in the box ever since. I was going to try to sell it but with the idea that the Biggun may have a future flaw I'll keep it around for back up in a pinch. Also if I have to go into a restricted sound area I could switch it instead of the $49 for just the quite core! (I haven't ever been in a noise restricted area. As of now even the public lands that I am familar with don't have one or don't inforce one!)

Thanks again, Smashinz2002. Have one on me! :) I know you weren't knocking my exhaust but that was a very tactful way of suggesting help and informing all in one! That is what these here forums are for IMO and you are doing just that! I appreciate that alot more than some of the, "You're wrong..," "Mine's better!," "What do you know!" responses that I have had and seen! You know what I'm talking about, the "My opinion is more important and anyone that doesn't agree with me can kiss my A$$!" responses! I know I'm not the brightest feller around but I'm learnin' as fast as I can from you folks!

Ya'll be good :D



Ditto on the Big Gun being a piece of @#$%. Best waste of $550 for me to date. Fitment on the pipe was a real pain. The header & mid pipe came preassembled backward and I cold not get them apart. I had to put ice cubes in the header pipes and torch on the mid pipe to get enough expansion to pull it apart after one hour. Then it took 2 hours to get it to fit half way descent. I spent the better part of an hour with a rubber mallet banging on the mid-pipe to fit to the head pipes so the muffler would bolt up to the correct spots. In the end I have a nice scratched up pipe.

If I could do it over again I'd ceramic coat the OEM header and buy a White Bro muffler. The only thing is the Big Gun flows behind the down tube and not in front, but big whoopee.

(This brings back bad memories of bleeding knuckles)

Ah man FOobAR! I know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!!

And keep in mind that extra torsional stress on the BigGun pipe from having to force it on, will for sure, eventually lead to it leaking and cracking like mine did.

J T, thanks man, I just try to be as honest as I can when I've had any experience with a specific problem. Hope it helps you out.


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