cracked head on a 1998 yz400F

After getting back from riding the other day i noticed i have a crack in the head of my bike near were it meets the block, I am wondering if this is something that a shop might be able to fix? If not how hard is it to pull the head and put new one on? Do i have to pull the motor to pull the head? and also i have heard that the 426 head will swap and if so what years will swap and is there any other head that will fit as well? Any input would be great i am so upset cause i love my bike!!!

Head will come off the bike without removing the engine.

There are videos on youtube that show how to do a top end on a 4 stroke, that's a good place to start so you know what you are getting yourself into.

Hardest part about doing the job is getting the timing right, and making sure that you torque the bolts in stages. Check the faq as well and you'll know exactly what yourself getting into like I said before :excuseme:

The crack is in the cylinder that meets the case (Block) or in the head where it meets the cylinder?

Pictures would help.

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