oil drain bolt threaded need explaining

so i was changing the oil and when i started to put back the bolts i felt the left drain bolt going over a thread it can be loctited and blocked forever but is there an easy way to fix this if yes how and what do i need:busted: i really want to do this right so i had to put a new thread i read all the stuff about timesert but have no idea how to do it an easy way

can someone tell me which timeserts i need for the lower oilfilter cover bolt and the left side of the bike the one near the dipstick i want the 2 types used for example M6 X 1.0 12mm like cowboyona426 mentioned in one of the posts:thumbsup::excuseme:

and also which timesert for the oil drain bolt on THE LEFT SIDE

I had the exact same problem on a 06 yz450. I used loctite and jb weld to seal my up permantely. It does not leak and I use the bottom drain bolt to change the oil. I am also concerned that I am not getting a sufficient oil change. Dirt Rider magazine had a good arcticle explaining the Heli-coil and Timesert, but I dont know how to drill out the case without getting metal shavings inside the engine.

Hopefully someone can explain this to both of us. Maybe GreyRacer has an answer.

Good Luck.

Same problem (left side drain plug) popped up a while back and I have been getting by until yesterday when some threads showed up on the bolt this time. I like the idea of the timesert so I might just make my own since I have a lathe and the materials on hand. If a helioil or part of one got into the crankcase it would do some major damage.

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