splitfire and platinum 4+

I went thru the archives to find information about splitfire plugs. Many like them but I had hard time finding one in stock somewhere. I went to a big store called "Canadian Tire" (I'm in Canada, QC) to find that bosch have a plug called bosch platinum 4+ that seems to be a high end plug. It seems to have the same concept than splitfire, I mean a multiple end to split the spark. It has four end instead of just one splitted on two at the end like splitfire plug.

Anyone had tried and seen some result on those plugs? Anyone has seemed an improvement by using something else than the CR8E?


You may want to check out the standard NGK that comes in the RFS KTMs. Expensive and strange looking with opposing grounds. Don’t know how you’re supposed to set the gap…

I think it is a CR8EK (basically same plug as YZ/WR, I guess the K denotes the weird configuration).

Personally I think high priced plugs with rare metal-tipped electrodes and multiple grounds are not worth the extra $$.


I have said it before and I'll say it again, there is no doubt the ND (Nippondenso) Hot-U's worked very well for me. I found them to be superior to any standard plug back in late 70's. I have stuck with these plugs through all my MX racing.

I could not find a match for our WR's in the Nippondenso. But, I did find the Splitfires. I purchased mine through www.denniskirk.com @ $3.99 a pop.

I have seen enough scoffers out there, but I do know what I know. With crappy jetting, I did not foul my plug once the entire time in Moab. In fact, I have never fouled a plug since I went to the Split. I am still using the original Split.

My jetting: throttle stop, YZ timed, DSP airbox, DTM needle - #3, 178 MJ, 48 pilot, de-octopused w/ Clark's recommended jetting changes.

If $3.99 will make my bike run better, or keep me from pushing it through the Moab desert, guess what I'll do...??? :)


'99 WZ with all YZ mods, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat.

I'm still running the plug that my bike left the factory with... Who needs the marketing hype :)



Unfortunately, you're not too far off on the 'all the noise' comment. Seems I've picked up a strange noise that I haven't ID the source of yet. I'll post more if I can't resolve it tonight or tomorrow....


Nh kevin, I went to the splitfire site and they suggest the triple platinum tp430c for the wr 98 (only one listed) but on dennis site they just have the sf430c. what's the difference and which one are you using?

I bought a new cr8e for the moment but I'll order a splitfire just in case I would be in the 50% that claim to see a difference in their bike.

I never fouled a plug (I have my bike for a year now) and my jetting seems right on except the eternal hollow spot (small hesitation)at 1/8-1/4 throttle at low rpm.


The only reason, Bri, you are still using the original plug is because you have mis-identified it. I noticed in Moab you swapped out the plug, but it was really the valve stem cap off your rear tire! The sparkplug is in THE CYLINDER HEAD! This is on top of the engine (the thing that makes all the noise) :)

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I used to work for an autoparts store. (7 years). Bosch's (a bit over 2 years old now) +4s are pretty unique. I put a set in my Suzuki Swift just for testing purposes and got a small increase in Gas mileage. What Ive really noticed is the Lack of wear. Ive got 20000 miles on them now and they look the same as they did when I put them in! They use a hard material called "nickel Yttrium" in the 4 grounding electrodes. These apperantly have been used by a number of formula 1 racers due to the "multi positioned electrodes".

Split fires "Triple Platinum's" are ok, but I heard from a few owners of bikes (all 2 strokes in this case) that they improve power, but they can foul like any other plug.

If used, they make a decent 4 stroke plug.

Id say give both a try. 8.99 a plug isnt any worse than what some of the dealers at the bike shops are asking for a NGK fine wire!


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NGK has Iridium CR8EIX plug. I have not tried them yet. Has anyone else??

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