Trailtech mounting with using a Steering Stabilizer

I am close to deciding on a steering stabilizer. I am using a Trialtech computer with a billet handlebar mount protector and wondered about mounting problems with the Scotts~GPR~RTT units? The RTT with the Fastway F.I.T. system looks pretty trick but has additional components to mount around. I'd like to stay with the billet protector instead of going with the plastic trialtech mount.

I just turned the Scotts unit around to mount my ICO above it. It is easy to pull the arm, spin it around and remount it.


Another option the GPR 2.0 :)


basic blues...i see you removed the tubes from your gyt insert. how much did that effect the sound , and power ?



I did install the GYT-R insert with the tubes still on but I didn't really put any time on the bike to compare with the tubes off. Originally I was going to drill a bunch of holes in the tubes and then I decided to just remove them altogether. It's a little louder but I don't know the exact db's. I made most of my changes at one time so it's hard for me to comment on exactly how remeoving the tubes affected performance. I can say I am very happy with the way the bike sounds and performs. I had to apply heat to the tubes to loosen, but once off it wouldn't be a problem to reinstall.

I have a Scotts, Scotts top triple clamp & Aero taper bars. I just used longer bolts and placed the trail tech billet housing on top of the bar clamps. No problem with the bars, visibility, etc.


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