Knee/Shin Guards that work with Pants and/or boots?

So I must be missing something, or the industry is trying to mess with my head. I'm looking to get some knee protection, and really cover right down to where the boot starts, and hell the shin a bit more if it's possible.

I bought some Fox knee and shin guards, and have some EVS ones I used for snowboard as well (rails to the knees = pain). Both go from my knee down past where the boot comes up... and when I try and jam them into the boot itself, i run into the obvious problem with trying to jam half of west africa into a boot. Then there's the whole "fitting that much into some pants" problem I run into... so now what I have to buy parachute pants?

I'm doing something wrong here or missing something, or I don't know about some product that actually works. Some one set me straight so I can stop beating the shit out of my knees every time I take a digger.

I stopped wearing "in the boot" pants along time ago because of the tight knees for being able to wear knee/shin gaurds.

I switched to over the boot pants. I think they generally have a more generous cut in the knees, for fitting your knee/shin protection.

Everyone is different. What works for one might not work well for another due to leg length, calf size and so on. If you have big calves there may not be much room to spare in the calves of your boots to stuff additional gaurds into.

I always take that into account when buying boots. I'll buy a boot whos calves would be too big for my leg without wearing guards.

The MSR Comp One have been my gaurd of choice for the last several years.

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I had this problem for years...Moose sold a cool knee pad that covered right to the boot and just went inside to hold it in the last national enduro somebody cleaned my clock and ripped my pants off and 1 knee I went looking and of to Wally World and I came up with Skate board knee pads..they work good so far...and dont move around...I dont like how my boots fit with the shin guards down in them...

I don't think anybody likes how boots fit with the shin guards jammed down in them. How the hell can they keep making this crap and trying to market it as useful!?!?

I've been thinking of going with over the boot pants for a little bit now. I may just make the conversion. Over the boot pants tend to be for colder temperatures though it would seem. I ride all year round.

My Only problem with over the boot pants is that some of the legs are too long and when its muuuddy they seem to stretch and end up past my boot...

check out the kg 5400 knee guard by Troy Lee Designs.

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Those look alright, but they're twice the price for half the material?

i've been running Thor Quadrant shin guards for awhile because they were so cheap. without wearing anything underneath them they will slide down eventually :excuseme:

i have never had a problem with wearing my knee/shin guards under my pants and tucked into my boots. but i do have some chicken legs. haha. i think the guards are EVS, my boots are SIDI, and my pants are o'neal if that matters

I'm sure the size of your legs have something to do with it, along with the size of the pads, pants and boots. I have no real problem with mine, I loosened the straps on my boots a bit, then just got used to it. I think my first pair was EVS, and I just now got a new set of.....crap, smaller ones (forget the brand). It definately took some getting used to, especially when I went from over the boot pants to in the boot pants.

I have old school fox pivot knee shin gaurds that work great with my boots, go inside nice, and the boot keeps them from moving around too much. only a single strap holding them!

I do wear over the boot pants though...

Try a pair of 661 Kyle Strait knee pads. These are the most comfortable I have worn. You must put them on first before boots because they are sleeve style, but they stay in place, no rubbing or scratching and they give good protection to the knee. They do not go down in the boot which gives me more room with my Sidi's. :excuseme:

Moose XCR Knee guards I love mine 2009_Moose_Racing_XCR_Knee_Guards_Black.jpg

ohhh... those look fairly legit and simple. They don't go down into the boots either eh?

That's what I had..loved them...for some reason I didn't see them it the catalog

I'm so glad you guys are talking about this. It never made sense to me to have boots with big, ridgid shin guards AND wear long socks AND wear knee guards with big, ridgid shin guards that tuck into your boots AND tuck your pants into your boots. It's no wonder my feet come out of my boots soaking wet with sweat.

At least my overly well protected shins are in perfect condition.

thor force knee guards :smirk:

I have a few year old version of the Thor Force guards. I don't have very big calves but these tuck pretty comfortably into the top of my SG10s. I wear them with pants in the boots. They would slide down if I were to try and wear them without boots, but they don't go anywhere when tucked in the top.


I wear 661 4x4 knee/shin guards with fox F3 boots and fox gear. They tuck into my boots nicely and are really comfortable but I also have chicken legs.

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