How many teeth do you guys have?

Hey, how many teeth are you guy's running on your rear sprocket? I'm particularly interested in those of your riding tight tracks. I just read an article on Tim Ferry's bike. He is running a 55t! Also, I'm new to the track riding. What is the prime gear to be in?? I know this is subjective, but It seems that second is too low and third is too high. I thought that maybe a larger rear sprocket would help out. What do you think?? Thanks for any info.

I've been happy with running a 14/50 on my 400. I'm usually in 3rd but there is one jump that I do that may be better in low 4th. I've tried it both ways just haven't decided which gear I like better for the jump.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

Amador, That same article on Ferry's bike also stated that his first and second gear are closer to third(taller) so going to 55t on your rear sprocket would net different results. That gearing would probably be too low and you may run into problems with clearance on your chain guide. As far as gear selection; simply put, you need to be in a gear where your motor still has crisp response and still hooks up well. I know that probably isn't much help or I'm stating the obvious but, not knowing your track or skill level, its hard to recommend a particular gear to be in. Your best bet would be to find someone near you that has the same bike and go over the track with you.

hope this helps.


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Thanks for the Info guys. I settled on a 51t. I'm hoping that it will give me enough low end to rip out of the corners in third. Tonight is the first test ride!

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