best front tire out there

I am in need of a new front tire wich ones last longer and grip better I've heard lots about the s12 and 756 :)

Both great tires. I'd also check out the Maxxis Maxx Cross IT. It works as well as the D-756 and wears much better.


Both will suffice

but the question back is what is the terrain like in your neck of the woods

we ride in the trees its clay and dirt some rocks tree roots I like rocks mud and dirt :)

I like rocks mud and dirt

Well of course you do what 426master wouldnt :) silly boy..

Then the Dunlop 756 will be good for the mud, rocks will wear it pretty quick. Of course there is dirt mud and rocks. Cant vouch for the s12 durability. Both tires are for soft terrain aka MUD, sand forrest Loam

I prefer the 756

Yes, Michelin S12s are great tires in the soft stuff, but they wear REAL QUICK, and they are made in France and Frogs suck. Tim

I like the 755 in soft stuff. It wears pretty quick though in rocks.

M12(and they're actually produced in Spain)

Well said banffboy.........M-12 is my favorite also :).

Just put a M12 on the front andhave to say I'm impressed :)

The s12 front lasts well and works in all kinds of conditions. It is weak in very hard terrain but you can get by on them to get to the softer terrain. I do not recommend them for hard terrain conditions all the time. I know some of the guys in the Colorado area prefer dunlops on the harder surfaces. I am out in Colorado now riding for 10 days and the s12s are holding up so far.

My favorites, Pirelli MT44 (best traction), Bridgestone 601, Dunlop 756, Maxxis IT and lastly.....The ole 490 :):D


what tire is good in mud and tacky dirt the m12 or s12 and wich one lasts longer

I have bought more Michelin tires than anything else and have always thought they were top quality. But I have seen where they are French owned. Thats a toughy if they are produced in Spain. I have a hard time with French products right now because of their lack of loyalty after all we have done for them. Tim

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