HELP...Burning Lots of Oil YZ450

Here is the History..

-New piston/rings 40 hours ago..Checked valves and they were in spec.

-Last trip burned 600CC of oil in one 45 min ride

-Checked valves...very loose both exhaust and intake

-Oil black/metallic after oil change and a warm-up on the stand

Also, I seem to go trough timing chains every 50 hrs or so...I know its time to change because the cam jumps teeth and it wont start.

Any Ideas...



BTW, its a 07 YZ450F

Sounds like the cylinder plating has failed.

As to the cam chain, it shouldn't be jumping teeth each 50 hours. Replace the tensioner and consider using a different oil or changing it more frequently. You may also want to check the cam caps for signs of seizure.

you could confirm it with a leakage tester if you have access to one, however can't think of anything else that would cause that kind of oil consumtion (something cylinder related that is).

Is it smoking? I would imagine so.

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