Disappointment with WR450 mailing list

With the creation of www.off-road.com's WR450 mailing list meant another avenue in which WR450 enthusiasts could share information regarding our motorcycles. Recently, however, I'm disappointed with the comments of the list admin there. Here are the emails. Please read from the bottom of the quote to the top.

A solution from someone that I've never even heard of? If you think your product has merit, send it to me for review, I'll send it back after I'm done, otherwise, you are SPAM'ing my list. The jetting kit might be the best thing since sliced bread but it might be a rip off as well... As I recall 70 bucks is the asking price. I can buy a boatload of jets for that price.

Mike Hobbs



What is the purpose of this mail list? My understanding is that it's "A mail list covering all aspects of the new, Yamaha WR450 dirtbike." In my opinion, Rick didn't spam this mail list. He merely offered an alternative solution to one aspect of the WR450 (the 1/4-1/2 throttle miss issue) that WR owners suffer from.



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Dude, don't pull my ear, my bikes always run perfect. Guess you have something to do with JD, whatever that is... Anyhow, if your SPAM gets out of control I'll ban you like they do on TT. If you'd like to buy some advertising I can have our sales department contact you.

Mike Hobbs



Having trouble jetting the stock carb? Having a mis at 1/4-1/2 throttle? My fix was the JD Kit, you can find it and read more about it on http:\\www.thumpertalk.com.

Cheers, Rick


Edelbrock used my bike to make a "Quick Silver" carb for the WR450. We

Dyno'ed it with a dirt tire so the numbers are low by somewhere around 12%

but max HP was 38.5 with both the stock and Quick Silver carb. Although

ridding the WR with the Edelbrock seemed to produce a lot more power! No

clutch, 3rd and 4th gear wheelies. The QS is a pretty cool carb, jet less.

To change the jetting all you have to do is turn a knob on top of the carb.

That "mis" at 1/4-1/2 throttle is gone with the QS. I know a lot of folks

are having a hard time jetting the stock carb on the WR and with the

Edelbrock it's effortless.

After some trail time I'll do an article on ORC about it. Contact Rob

Barnum for more info : http://www.barnumspro.com/proproductweb_014.htm

Mike Hobbs

I felt Mike unfairly accused this guy of spamming when his original post reeked more of spam than the other. After I personally replied to Mike Hobbs I was promptly given the "My way or the highway" response. Am I completely off-base here??

What I really like about TT is the open-mindedness of it's members. I guess you can't get that ANYWHERE ELSE!!


Unfortunately, I've also been following along with the post you outlined here and I agree with you. Sounds like jealously to me. This makes me wonder if the use of those sponsered products are sincere or are they just good because they pay to advertise. I think your completely "on base" the sharing of wr450 ownership information is what it's all about and obviously the mention of the JD kit was taken as a threat (unless your willing to pay for advertising of course). I can't count how many times a TT member was referred to another site. I don't recall anyone here getting upset over it. Thanks for speaking out...

I agree David, JD has a great kit for the FCR carb and $70 is very fair for custom grind and order processing. Mike must have a bone to pick with some out there. But I understand the need to have suppliers spend some money on advertising to support forums like this. I bet the cost of an add on this web site is pretty cost effective. :)

Since i started coming to thumper talk, i have come to the conclusion that most of the magazines SUCK because of advertising, and most web sites (such as off road. com)

SUCK because of advertising. :D:)

"Dude, don't pull my ear, my bikes always run perfect. Guess you have something to do with JD, whatever that is... Anyhow, if your SPAM gets out of control I'll ban you like they do on TT. If you'd like to buy some advertising I can have our sales department contact you."

Mike Hobbs


1. You will never be banned from TT for sharing a positive product experience with another TT'er, even if they don't advertise here. Yes, we are advertiser supported and we don't allow companies to spam, but sharing experiences is at the core of what we do!

2. The value of the JD Jetting Kit is not in the cost of the materials but in the extensive jetting knowledge behind the product. This is what is defined as VALUE... We've sold plenty of the JD Kits and people rave about them!

Whacking TRUE spam is completely warranted, but you have to be VERY careful when you do this. Whack a post that is just someone sharing a positive product experience and this is what you get!



Mike sounds like a pompous DICK to me. His loss for not trying out JD's kit and seeing the results. I am truly amazed at the dedication JD must have to research and design these triple taper needles. Props to him and a big :) to Mike Hobbs from ORC!

Hey ORCMike we are eagerly awaiting you rebuttal.

Hey ORCMike we are eagerly awaiting you rebuttal.

:):D :D :D

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