rear wheel fits tight all of a sudden.

hey guys,its kinda hard to get my rear wheel on now days.its was real easy,but i tore m chain guide off over the summer and had it rewelded on.after i got it it back it still fit wheel bearing are seated all the way,my spacers are fine.i got to hold the wheel up kinda jam the caliper holder in and then try to get the axle through.after i get the wheel on everything is fine,its just a PITA!i hope my swingarm isnt bent,everything looks stright???i love my bike,i just got a few little weird things going on.


The caliper is straight, and the brake pads are not pushed out on one end?

Make sure the caliper is able to slide on the mounting pins. When the wheel is off the bike, you should be able to easily move the caliper left to right on it's mounting boss.

I also spread my brake pads a bit when removing the rear wheel to help reassembly.

caliper is fine,its just really tight now i dont get it.

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