what is a good performing aftermarket CDI unit for a 2004 yz450f and is it worth the money?

What would you be wanting to accomplish with a different CDI?

Don't they offer more advanced timing than stock?

Don't they offer more advanced timing than stock?
Yes and no. They offer different advance curves (timing maps) for differing situations. More advance is not always productive or safe. I asked what he wants from it because there are some things they will not do, and other things that can be done cheaper with used OEM parts from other years.

i would just like a little more topend than what it has

i herad 03 cdis are different?

The '03 is different. It actually flattens out on top a bit more than the '04. An '06 may work better for you, but you may find that the cams are the limiting factor in this, and a set of cams from an '06 may be more what you need.

Some of the aftermarket ignitions like the Vortex can give you "some" more top end.

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