Stator for lighting on 2003

I want to (try) put a headlight on my bike (03 yz450f), not to put it 'on road', but just for those times I get caught out later at night.

I've been reading all the threads about the poor options for an after market stater for lighting for a yz, with the best way of doing it being swapping the bottom end to one from a wr.

Since swapping to one from a wr is quite involved and expensive, I think just changing the stater would be best for me. Did Electrosport ever make a new designed (better) stator? What about a ProRacing one? I have not read anything bad about the ProRacing ones, but I also have not read about one on an 03-05.

Thanks for any info guys.

Nobody knows? I know there are a lot of threads on this topic, but no one has talked about the supposed new design of the Electrosport. I also haven't found anyone's experience with a few hours on a ProRacing one.

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