You guys that ride the BRPs probably ride or race at night more than others, so I'll ask you. What's the best lighting to run for desert racing on a budget? Most of the HID stuff is out of my budget, but I'm open for suggestions. Maybe just a super bright bulb?

What's your intened use. Yeah, I know you said desert racing, but that could mean the 1000. Do you mean a race that's strictly at night and will the speeds be very high? Do you just want something that's better than stock (can't get much worse) so you can play at night? And when you say budget, what sort of $ are we talking? Budget is a pretty loose term.

I can't tell you what's best for racing, but I can tell you what works great for desert trail riding at night if you're on a budget. You can easily & inexpensively rewind your stator for 200+ watts yourself ($25 - $50 dependin on your material costs and one evening of your time). If you don't want to rewind the stator yourself, you can send it in to have it done or buy a complete 200+ watt stator with the magnetic pickup from Ricky Stator for only $150 outright.

If your bike will only be used off road, then you can buy the Honda glass lense (Honda PN# 33123-MK2-671) for as little as $22 depending on the discount your dealer gives you. This glass lens simply replaces your stock plastic light assembly and accepts a H3 bulb. The connectors from the plastic headlight assembly are different, so you'll need to buy some new connectors to mate with the H3 bulb, but you can get these at Walmart, Autozone, etc. The only thing left to do is to buy a $5 H3 bulb at your favorite auto parts store or even at Walmart. An 85 watt or 100 watt bulb works very nicely at night and provides much greater illumination than the stock setup and it won't dim at lower RPM.

If you're going to dual sport your bike, then you'll need a different headlight setup all together with a H4 dual filament bulb such as from UFO, Acerbis, etc.

If you really want more light output than what the stock headlight with the 100 watt glass lens provides, but don't want to spend the bucks for the HID setup, then check out this dual light setup from Ricky Stator.

Baja Designs will re-wind your stator for $120, and it will be rated for 250 watts. I've got the glass replacment lens, and 50 watt H-3 bulb, it's a great improvement, but it's still too easy to "overdrive" the light. I'm going to have my stator done, then upgrade to a 100 watt bulb. But...if you are going to do any kind of racing, then the upgrade just won't do, that dual set-up from Rickystator looks like your best starting point for race lighting. Remember, with the Rickstator dual set-up, you will still need to upgrade the stock stator.

The above posts are right on. Picking it up from "the stator is rewound for 200 watts and ya have a 100 watt H3 bulb in your glass lense"

Baja Designs sells the mounting hardware for single or dual 8" lights for about $25. They hose-clamp on to your fork tubes between the triple clamps. You then buy the two H3 bulbs for $5 each. Harbour Freight, or Pep Boys or whoever often have the 8" Cibie type lights for anything from $20 (Harbour) to $60 a set-just use the shells... Then its just find a guy who can bend pipe around the shells- and weld a couple small brackets that fit into the BD mounting kit. Add some cotter pins and their ya go. Thats exactly what we did for last years 1000-just make sure all electrical connections are soldered (not pinched!) and covered in dielectric grease!!!Total cost for two 8" lights putting out 200 watts (standard Baja 1000 lighting) is not much over 150 clams + the stator rewind. Not bad considering BD wants 6 times that.....!

BD also sells the HID light bulbs seperately for about $100. You could be my favorite person and make your own HID's 4-8" lights for about $300. Call em and ask about the ballast needed for their HID's - its all about the ballast with that technology as far as i can tell...

Another option is to run the 100 watt H3 and invest $350 into a set of the Nightryder HID helmut lights. Very cool. Dual system. See in front and around the corner....the ultimate is to run three HID's in the front of the bike (they draw 35 watts each!) two wide angle and one pinner (long distance) up the middle. Then have the helmet system as well! That could be done for about $750. You would be one up on Team Honda!




Keith is racing the MRANN night race with me up by Reno. He's riding a KTM 520. I just ordered the Ricky Stator twin head light for the DRZ. It should be here Wednesday.

What type bulb is the XR up grade from Baja Designs? I have a 85w super white will that fit the KTM?

Keith is racing the MRANN night race with me up by Reno. He's riding a KTM 520.

Oh, I guess like most of the guys who answered him I didn't bother to see that his sig says he has a KTM. Then why not ask KTM guys instead of on the XR page? Well I guess he's got some good answers shown here in case he wants to buy an XR....


Keith knows they race Baja with the XR650 and who know's night racing better than XR owners.

With luck my Ricky Stator dual light will arive Wednesday. I'm getting 2 55w bulbs, that should do the trick. I'll mount the lights on my DRZ for this race and change it over to the XR later. Besides I need good light for the helmet cam.

I installed my lights last night. There is a wide angle and a long range beam.

Race Lights1.jpg

Looks super cool. Hope you put the helmet cam night race footage on your website :)

I'll set up a page for the Moon Rocks Night Page when I get back. With luck I'll get some good footage and a couple of pictures. This race is a team race but I'm racing solo in the Sportsman class. 15 mile loops 3 hours. It's for fun with $1000 for first place in each class. I just want to ride. :)

I installed my lights last night. There is a wide angle and a long range beam.

Thats DOT approved right? :) Looking serious Mike! Im jealous. Ill ride biatch on your bike if we go night riding. :D

Gotta dig Moredesert!!!

Bitchin' bike, big ol' Craftsman roll away, wrenches his own bike, and...actually races :D! If I posted a pic of my bike in my garage, you would have to look around the Razor scooters, behind the wagon, and over the bicycles to see the Pig Pen.

Keep it up for us poseurs :)

I went cheap on the tool box because I spent all my money on Snap-on tools. My last job required us to have our own tools and Snap-on gives credit. It sure is nice having my tools home now.

You should see Keith's tool box. :)

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